A photographer/collector who likes analog cameras and the images film produces, while also enjoying

A photographer/collector who likes analog cameras and the images film produces, while also enjoying
A photographer/collector who likes analog cameras and the images film produces, while also enjoying the latest digital.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Circa 1953 Royal Typewriter Brochures

After 5 months sabbatical I am back!  Have been totally consumed over this period with buying a house, and doing much more work then anticipated on the new house.  Prepping our old house to be sold, then selling the house "By Owner",   Hope things have now slowed down somewhat.

In a comment to my last post on November 13th (A True Newspaper Man's Typewriter), it was suggested that I copy the brochures that accompanied that particular Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter and post so others could see them in detail.  That I have now done.

There were four documents that accompanied the typewriter and appear to have been provided by the Royal distributor upon purchase.  I have a link to each below.  Very interesting reading.  The information is in PDF format.

The typewriter was apparently purchased circa 1953 from Steeves Typewriter Company, 910 North 7th Street, Kansas City, Kansas.

Hope you enjoy the documentation.

Your New Royal Portable (1953)
Guide to usage of the typewriter

Royal Portable Brochure
Brochure that apparently was provided by the dealer upon purchase.  Touting the virtues of Royal as "The World's NO. 1 Portable"

The Modern Secretary (1952)
Interesting in that it provides incite to  how secretaries were expected to function in the office and how to maintain the typewriter in the office in 1952.

Royal Speed Typing Chart
A simple chart telling the person which fingers should be used for which keys

More to come..............


  1. Thanks for sharing, I have that exact '53 Quiet De Luxe. It's a great typer, one of the best in my opinion.

  2. Here's the database page to mine: http://typewriterdatabase.com/1953-royal-quiet-de-luxe.1762.typewriter

  3. Thanks Brad! Yes I have looked at your database many times. Glad there are those keeping typewriters alive......................

  4. By-the-way. Although I belong to your database site, have not figured out how to submit anything for the site? If you happen to read this, could you tell me how that is accomplished? Thanks!

  5. It's pretty easy. Start by registering with the site, establishing a login name and a password. Then when you're logged in, the option to create a new gallery will appear. Then you simply type in the info and click to attach photos from your computer.

  6. PS: it's not "my" database site, I'm just one of many members there.


  7. I did not realize that the Royal Companion offers math keys and the degree symbol.

    It is gratifying that the "modern secretary" pamphlet is so jarring to read, that much of its wording seems incendiary today. Things like this leap off the page, searing one's sense of equanimity: "The emergence of the typewriter... was a major factor in the emancipation of women today" and "She knows her superior hasn't time...".

    Thank you for sharing these!